8 Foods You Should Buy From The .99 Store

If you haven’t been shopping at the .99 store, you are definitely missing out on a money saving opportunity! Many of you are under the impression that the products at the .99 store are cheap or soon to be expired and although that is true for some of the brands, it’s not true for all of them. Knowing the right things to buy from a dollar store can save you tons of money!

Chef Boyardee Ravioli

First item on my list are Chef Boyardee Ravioli’s, every kid’s favorite! I went to the grocery store and found that it was priced at $2.50 per can, that is a $1.50 savings! Although, shopping at the .99 store means you don’t have many options you might be stuck with mini raviolis or beef raviolis, so what! It costs .99!

Healthy Choice Soup

What’s really popular, nowadays, are prepackaged foods. Easy for any busy individual to stop by the grocery store and pick up a snack but buying prepackaged food is a waste of money! These products are usually double to triple the costs. Plan ahead! Healthy Choice Soup To-Go 14 oz. costs $2 at the grocery store but you can purchase a 15 oz. can from the .99 store and if you need it To-Go, bring a container or bowl.


A 24 oz. of Hunt’s ketchup at the .99 store is priced at $1, while the grocery store sells 38 oz. of ketchup for $2.98! You might be purchasing a smaller bottle, keep in mind that you’re still only spending $1. That’s a huge savings when the product is a brand name product.

Jello & Pudding

You can buy the instant pudding and jello boxes that take about 5 minutes to make for .99, easy to prep at home and bring it with you. The same packs at the grocery store cost $1.29 and if you buy the Jello Cups 8-pack it costs $3.72!

Hamburger Helper

The .99 store sells Hamburger Helper in single packs, but the grocery store sells twin packs for $2.43. That is a savings of .43!

Popcorn (3-packs)

A 3-pack box of popcorn is .99,  while the grocery store sells a 10-pack for $4.98. Another huge savings of $1.98!


There were plenty of times I would buy bread at my local grocery store at full price but a week later find half of the loaf covered in mold. I’d rather buy bread that I know is expired in a week and half for $1 than buy it at full price. Then again, if it molds sooner than expected at least I only spent $1. It’s a huge savings considering bread costs anywhere between $2.50 to $5. In addition to that, store bread in the refrigerator to prevent early molding.

V8 Juices

The .99 store has deals where you can buy 3 cans of soda or juice for .99. A 6-pack of V8 juice costs 3.98 which is a $1.98 savings! 


This one surprised me the most! But Johnson’s Baby Powder is a whopping $3.84 when you can buy the same exact thing for $1! This is a $2.84 savings!

Prices are subject to change at your local grocery store especially with in-store deals and coupons but once again, shopping at the .99 store means your only paying .99. Yes, there are characteristics such as size, expiration and quantity that can make you not want to shop at the .99 store but all the items listed are good quality and brand named, so it’s a steal!

April 2, 2019
  1. jan said on May 12, 2016 11:21 am:

    When are you going to build a 99 cent store in South Arlington Tx and St. Joseph mo. The closest 99 cent store is in Ft Worth tx and too far to drive for us. I think your store would really go over big in both Arlington Tx and St Joseph, Mo