How To Save When Traveling

Family vacations, road trips and traveling in general can be expensive. Two important rules to planning a trip is to RESEARCH and PLAN AHEAD. Transportation is the biggest chunk of your traveling expense. Here are some tips to help you save when traveling.

YOUR VEHICLE: Find directions that will take you to your destination in the fastest time and shortest distance. Cost of gas varies from state to state but to help estimate the cost of gas for your road trip, use

RENTED VEHICLE: Renting a vehicle can be especially difficult under the age of 25. Why?! Because you are required to put down a deposit that could cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars which can burden your trips finance. In this case, plan accordingly!

GREYHOUND: Greyhound has special deals running all the time! Especially if you plan ahead! In addition to that, they have a road rewards program and packages for families and hotels.

OTHER BUS COMPANIES: There are other bus companies in your area you just have to do your research! Companies such as Boltbus, Vamoose and Tripper Bus have affordable prices and discounts. I remember traveling by bus from California to Las Vegas for $45!

Airfare is expensive so it is crucial to plan ahead! Buying your ticket months and months in advance can make a difference. Research airlines such as Jetblue Airways, Southwest Airlines and WestJet who offer affordable prices even if your trip is last minute. Southwest is one of my favorite airlines because they do not charge you to put a piece of luggage under the plane. Plus you get a carry-on!

September 2, 2019