How to Store Food Properly

While trying to make an effort in saving money by budgeting, couponing or working a second job you go into the refrigerator and discover that the tomatoes you bought a few days ago have molded. Yes, this is discouraging when you have to throw out any produce, meat and forgotten leftovers. Throwing out food because it’s spoiled can be expensive so here are some tips for how to store food properly.
Fruits and Veggies
     Rule 1: Do not store fruits and vegetables in the same bin. 
          Why? Fruit and vegetables emit different gases that can cause each other to spoil at a faster rate. 
     Rule 2: Do not wash fruits and vegetables before storing in the refrigerator. 
     Rule 3: Do not store fruits and vegetables in airtight containers and produce bags. 
     Rule 1: Store leftovers in airtight containers in the refrigerator after 2 hours of cooking. 
          !!! Don’t wait for foods to cool down if it is still warm after 2 hours of sitting out. 
     Rule 2: For canned foods, do no leave or put back food in cans to store in the refrigerator.
     Rule 3: Do not pack the fridge full. Cool air needs to circulate the fridge in an even manner. 
     Rule 1: If you’re not planning on cooking mean within a day or two immediately store in the freezer. 
          !!! Uncooked meats spoil quickly when sitting in the fridge. 
     Rule 2: Leave meats in styrofoam plate that it came in, do not transfer to air tight container. 
Storing foods properly not only helps you save money but prevents you from wasting food!

September 28, 2018