What is Doubling Coupons? Tripling?!

For beginners, doubling and tripling coupons is one of the hardest tricks to extreme couponing. This step alone is what makes couponing a full time job. In order to double or triple your coupon you must have some sort of a membership or reward system to multiple grocery stores. Stores offer this to their customers to bring shoppers in. Some stores allow members to double or triple coupons every day of the week and some stores are on selected days, so remember to call your grocery store ahead of time to understand the stores policy. Being a member you are offered promotions that allow you to double or triple your coupon. Before we go any further, what does the term doubling or tripling mean? Doubling coupons is when the store offers you the opportunity to double the amount of the coupon, .45¢ off coupon turns into .90¢ off coupon and $1 off coupon turns into $2 off coupon. Wow, what a good deal!
I know, I know! Sounds too good to be true! In addition to finding out what days your grocery store doubles and triples coupons you must also find out if there is a limit to how many coupons can be used. For instance, my grocery store limits three of the same coupons to double. Some stores will even limit the type of coupons, for instance, my grocery store only allows coupons under $1, depending on your location, your grocery store’s policy might offer coupons up to $1.50 off to double. Every store is different so remember to call your grocery store to understand their store policy. Things to remember when doubling and tripling coupons: scan your loyalty/rewards card, cashier will scan the items and you will then have the cashier scan the coupons. It is important for your transaction to take place in this order because coupons will not double if your loyalty/rewards card is not put in first.
The best part when doubling and tripling coupons is the ability to use multiples. So if I buy 4 boxes of Chex Cereal, how much would that cost?. Let’s do the math! If a box of Chex Cereal cost $3.68 per box, the total of 4 boxes is $14.62. Since my local grocery store is having a deal on Chex Cereal, I can use this in addition to my coupons. The total is reduced to $12.00.
Now, I have a Save a $1.00 off on Two Big G Cereals (REMEMBER TO READ THE SMALL PRINT ON COUPON)
The store doubles your coupon and I use two of the same coupon removing $4 from $12.00, now costing me $8.00. If your store uses multiples, you can easily find one or two more coupons to use towards your 4 boxes of Chex Cereal.
 I found a 75¢ off coupon for Big G Cereals (REMEMBER TO READ THE SMALL PRINT ON COUPON). This coupon is doubled and I use three of the same coupon, since the grocery store allows up to 3 of same coupon to double. The doubled coupon removes $4.50 from $8.00, now costing $3.50 for 4 boxes of cereal.
Phew! What a deal! After all of that work I’m able to buy 4 boxes of Big G Cereal for $3.50. Now that you understand doubling and tripling coupons, the hard part will be finding coupons. Make sure to stay in touch, I’ll be posting featured coupons on my blog!

December 15, 2016