When Is the Best Time to Do Your Coupon Shopping?

After going through all the trouble of cutting out all your coupons, the last thing you want is to go to the store when there’s too many people who are also doing their coupon shopping, or worse, find that everyone got to what you needed first. So, the best way to do coupon shopping is to manage your time and make a schedule! Now before you find it to be another tedious task, trust me when I say it will be well worth it. You need to be smart and efficient, and that can only be achieved by having a planned out shopping trip because let’s face it, there’s always a higher risk of things going haywire when there’s no plan.

After you’ve cut out your coupons, make yourself aware of what is going on. Be aware of the seasons! If it’s winter, doing your Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping a few days before will make it almost impossible to do any shopping in a sane, civilized manner.

Find out what days your favorite stores receive new shipments, that way you know when product will come back in full stock. By doing so, you can plan what day is best to get there so you can get what you need first, before it runs out again!

Although Sundays are great days because you’re off and you can get things done, avoid late mornings when everyone is getting out of church. The best times to do your coupon shopping are the early and I mean, early morning or late nights. People are either starting or ending their day which means less traffic within the store and a less hectic environment for you to shop in. So next time you sit at your dining table with all those coupons laid out in front of you, be smart and be efficient. Make a schedule, be aware of what season you’re in, and coupon shopping will no longer be a stressful task, but more of a relaxed errand to run.

Thanks, CouponLiz

July 16, 2019